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A Geeky Christmas Dessert – Raspberry Pi

We use Amazon Christmas lists in our family, but I’m not very good at keeping them up to date or remembering to put stuff I want on the list. This year I remembered to put something on my list I … Continue reading

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I *TEN* the Windows…

Back in November 2012 I blogged about installing the new Windows 8® on my laptop and the experience of the installation and getting used to the new operating system (often referred to as an “OS”).  Here I am now blogging about … Continue reading

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Finally Fixing an Annoyance

I drive an old vehicle – a 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan. We bought it used (a lease vehicle trade-in) in 1999 with 70k miles on it. Fourteen years later it’s got 196k+ on the odometer, some body rot along the … Continue reading

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I ONE the Windows; I TWO the Windows; I THREE the Windows; …

That really should read “I 286 the Windows; I 386 the Windows; I 3.11 the Windows…” I’ve been using Microsoft Windows™ since it was a DOS overlay back in the early eighties, starting with Windows 286, through Windows 386, Windows … Continue reading

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The First False Hope

Snow Melt Being a New Englander, I should know by now how cruel Mother Nature can be this time of year.  As February fades and March blows in on an icy wind, true New Englanders finally start to tire of … Continue reading

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The Long Network Ordeal Is Over… Apparently

After 4+ weeks of dire internet connectivity problems… Continue reading

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Patience is STILL a Virtue

Still waiting for the BLOG to show up on the web site… Continue reading

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