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The First Anniversary…

We’re up in Maine, spending the anniversary of the accident at the scene of the crime, so to speak.  The actual anniversary is today (Sunday, November 1st), but Lynn wanted to drive (not be driven) to the scene of the … Continue reading

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Lynn’s Got a New Car!

We passed a milestone in Lynn’s recovery from the accident – we bought a new car to replace the noble PT Cruiser.  Lynn had and still has no recollection of the accident, so there are no psychological effects from it that … Continue reading

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A Hiccup at the Church of Music in Nature…

We had a technical problem at the Church of Music in Nature recently.  The church has a pair of Bose® 151 SE environmental speakers on the tall corner posts of the deck, and a line-out feed from the house stereo mounted in the … Continue reading

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It Was Finally Time…

We’ve got a new (to us) car!!  A 2008 Cadillac SRX! The 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan we bought in 1999 has served us well for the past 14 years. It has 201,000+ miles on it now, and still runs well, … Continue reading

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We’re Back From Our Adventure!

I took Lynn to Scotland (her ancestral homeland) for her 60th birthday present (a few weeks early).  Oldest daughter Megan came along too (paying her own way).  Aside from the first day and the next-to-last day in-country, the weather was … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2012

Every year for Mother’s Day (or as close as we can get), we’ve planted about 250 or so little marigold plants along both sides of the front walk for the entire length of the walk. With a single blossom on … Continue reading

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Celebrating One Hundred Years

On March 17th 1912 my Dad was born, so St. Patrick’s Day of this year was going to be the 100th anniversary of his birthday.  We lost Dad in 1989, so he wouldn’t be able to celebrate his 100th birthday … Continue reading

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We’re Sorry, The Betty Ford Holiday Recovery Center Has No Vacancies

Welcome to 2012.  If you’re reading this, then the assumption is that you’ve survived the “season” with at least a few nerves still functioning and did not melt into apoplexy by the time the ball reached the bottom in Times … Continue reading

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Prepping – and Primping – For Christmas

Audrey and I headed off to hunt down and capture a live Christmas tree Tuesday night. Lynn was teaching a quilting class at the shop so the task was left to us. We also needed to pick up a 30-inch wreath … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Busy Fall

Weddings and Houses, Expensive Undertakings! Continue reading

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