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Oh, I’m A Lumberjack and I’m Okay…

…to the tune of… We have 2.6 acres of land at the house up in Maine, with a LOT of trees, so I acquired a refurbished Homelite ZR10568 42cc 16-Inch Gas Chain Saw a few years ago for use up … Continue reading

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A Geeky Christmas Dessert – Raspberry Pi

We use Amazon Christmas lists in our family, but I’m not very good at keeping them up to date or remembering to put stuff I want on the list. This year I remembered to put something on my list I … Continue reading

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The First Anniversary…

We’re up in Maine, spending the anniversary of the accident at the scene of the crime, so to speak.  The actual anniversary is today (Sunday, November 1st), but Lynn wanted to drive (not be driven) to the scene of the … Continue reading

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I *TEN* the Windows…

Back in November 2012 I blogged about installing the new Windows 8® on my laptop and the experience of the installation and getting used to the new operating system (often referred to as an “OS”).  Here I am now blogging about … Continue reading

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Montana Trip Journal

(Click on most thumbnails for a full-size image or map) Lynn’s nephew Lincoln escaped the woods of Maine 12-15 years ago and headed for the mountains of Montana. He’s been there since, and he hooked up with a nice girl … Continue reading

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Lynn’s Got a New Car!

We passed a milestone in Lynn’s recovery from the accident – we bought a new car to replace the noble PT Cruiser.  Lynn had and still has no recollection of the accident, so there are no psychological effects from it that … Continue reading

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The Winter for the Record Books is Over – I HOPE!

One hundred ten point six inches of snow as measured at Logan Airport (on the coast!) in Boston this winter.  That’s over NINE FEET!  Winter 2014-2015 was the snowiest winter ever in Boston since records have been kept (125 years).  … Continue reading

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We Survived Juno Unscathed…

We survived Winter Storm Juno – a.k.a. The Blizzard of 2015 – unscathed (in 2012 The Weather Channel [TWC] started coining names for winter storms, a la NWS’ hurricane names).  It was fairly unimpressive in Woburn.  There was a lot of … Continue reading

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The Worst November Ever

November was not a good month for us.  Lynn was in a terrible automobile accident up in Maine on November 1st.  She is okay, but for a while we thought we might lose her.  She was driving back to the … Continue reading

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A Hiccup at the Church of Music in Nature…

We had a technical problem at the Church of Music in Nature recently.  The church has a pair of Bose® 151 SE environmental speakers on the tall corner posts of the deck, and a line-out feed from the house stereo mounted in the … Continue reading

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