Lynn’s Got a New Car!

We passed a milestone in Lynn’s recovery from the accident – we bought a new car to replace the noble PT Cruiser.  Lynn had and still has no recollection of the accident, so there are no psychological effects from it that make driving a problem for her.  She did have to turn in her license to the MA RMV after applying for a temporary handicapped parking permit (that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself!), but once her primary care physician cleared her to resume driving she applied to get her license back and after a longer-than-necessary delay it was returned.
IMG_0063a-25pct20xShe wanted a smaller SUV-like vehicle, preferably All-Wheel-Drive, so the “cross-over” category was the target (SUV’s tend to be built on truck bodies, where smaller cross-overs tend to be built on car platforms). We started out looking at used vehicles, hoping to find a late-model something that had low mileage and met the few hard-and-fast requirements that Lynn had, such as; doesn’t require climbing up or down to get into or out of,  the ability to adjust the height and position of the driver’s seat sufficiently to accommodate her long legs and short torso, a shifting mechanism that did not require pressing a button with her arthritic thumb, cloth seats, light-colored interior, and a few others.  We looked at Honda CR-V’s, Toyota RAV-4’s, Nissan Rogues and Muranos, Ford Escapes, a Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Outbacks and Foresters, Volkswagen Tiguans, a Hyundai Tucson, even a Lexus RX 350 (too expensive!).  None had all the right preferences and requirements, so we started looking at new cars; a Mazda 5 (cute micro-van, but the driver’s seat didn’t move back far enough), a Volkswagen Tiguan (too expensive), and Subaru Outbacks (a nice car, but it didn’t feel right).  She finally chose a “Titanium Flash Mica” (looks brown to me) 2016 AWD Mazda CX-5 with a “sand” interior, 2.5L “Sky-Activ” engine, moon-roof, Bose sound system, and other fun features from Lannon Mazda in Lowell MA.  One of MAZDA-CONNECT™ consolethe features that Lynn was drawn to was the totally-redesigned MAZDA-CONNECT™ console control system that minimizes the number of actual buttons and dials and operates all the “info-tainment” features of the vehicle; entertainment (AM/FM/CD/Aux/Satellite/Bluetooth/Pandora), Communication (Hands-Free phone, Bluetooth Pairing, Voice Commands), Navigation (GPS/Map/Voice Commands), Configuration Settings (set clock, pair Bluetooth, turn off warning beeps and boops, etc.); all controlled by a single knob on the console down by the shift lever.  Lynn said she was attracted to the “new technology” in the car.  I said “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?”  😉
We picked the new baby up just after the July 4th weekend, and so far Lynn loves it.  We haven’t taken it to Maine yet, maybe this weekend!

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