The Winter for the Record Books is Over – I HOPE!

IMG_9699-33pct20xOne hundred ten point six inches of snow as measured at Logan Airport (on the coast!) in Boston this winter.  That’s over NINE FEET!  Winter 2014-2015 was the snowiest winter ever in Boston since records have been kept (125 years).  And except for a few inches early in the season it all fell after 23 January!  Talk about getting dumped on!

IMG_9704-33pct20xNow that April has arrived, I can see most (but not all) of the front yard (facing south), but the entire back yard is still covered.  I program yearly reminders into my on-phone calendar to make sure I take care of certain things at certain times – change the house water filter every six months, put up the snow stakes by the first weekend in December, change the furnace filters twice a year, stuff like that.  Today (the first weekend in April) the reminder to spread the first course of lawn fertilizer popped up.  Not this year!

IMG_9673-33pct20xAnd I can’t yet feel safe that the winter is really over.  It’s been unseasonably cold the entire month of March, I still can remember the April Fool’s Day Blizzard of 1997, and I have seen snow in our neck of the woods as late as May 9th (1977)! I think folks around here are going to be gun-shy about snow for a few years now.  I sure am glad my snowblower held up all winter!  I need to do something nice for it as a thank-you gift!

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