The Pentennial Garage Door Painting Fest Has Arrived

IMG_5042a-cropped20pct20xThe “once-every-five-years” fest involves scraping, patching, sanding, caulking, priming, and painting my wooden garage doors. Each side (door, and door-trim) takes a full ten-hour day just to scrape (I scrape about 80% of the old paint off, down to bare wood), patch any rotted wood with wood filler, sand it all IMG_5041a-cropped20pct20xdown, then caulk the edges and horizontal panel cracks.  It takes another shorter day to prime the door and trim (letting it dry overnight), then a third shorter day to put the finish coat on.

IMG_5045a-cropped20pct20xI did the left-side door over a weekend and a day a few weeks ago, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish two doors before escaping to Maine for 6 days over Labor Day, so I only did one door at that time (not my usual modus operandi). This past weekend was bright, sunny, dry, and fairly cool, so I attacked the 2nd door. It took me a full day Saturday to scrape, patch, sand, and caulk the door and trim, and my arms were hanging down like over-stretched rubber bands when I was done. A few single-malt whiskys after dinner and a few aspirin at bed-time and I was ready for round two (priming) Sunday. Priming only took 4-5 hours rather than 10 hours or more that got spent on the elbow-grease work on Saturday, so I got to watch the Patriots season-opener game, slightly delayed (I DVRed it IMG_20130910_075430_086aand watched it – SANS commercials – a few hours late). Yesterday I left work thirty minutes early and got the bulk of the finish coat of paint applied after work. I didn’t do the edges under the gaskets yet as that part takes as long as the rest of the painting job, so the two sides and the top look a little “ragged” where the gaskets touch the door. Looks like I won’t be able to finish the edges tonight seeing as it’s raining, maybe tomorrow night (in the heat).

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