Global Strangeness

The weather in these parts had a number of wrong-season affectations leading up to the present.  We had eight inches of snow arrive before Halloween, then weeks of 60+ degree temperatures into December.  I was mowing the lawn well into November, and putting up the outdoor Christmas lights in a t-shirt.  Strangeness indeed!

We have the lights up on the bushes out front, we set up the winter village on the ledge over the front door, the Christmas Tree is parked in the garage in a bucket of water, there’s a 30-inch balsam wreath waiting to be hung on the front of the house over the door and a 24-inch balsam wreath waiting to be hung over the hearth in the living room.  The snowman and the German sled are on the high ledge in the living room, and the candles are shining in all the windows on the upper floor.  I’ve got the Christmas letter written, but I still have to print it and massage the Christmas Card database to print out proper address labels.  We’re almost ready!

I still have to reshuffle the clutter in the garage so we can get at least one car under cover for the winter, and I need to make sure the snow-blowing beast is primed and ready.  I have a feeling, with all this early winter mild weather, that the rest of the season is going to be a bit of a terror.  The Olde Farmer’s Almanac takes that view for this winter.  Time will tell!

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