Lest You Think We Abandoned the Property…

I spent the weekend working to disprove the rumor that we have abandoned the Family TreeHouse! The lawn (a now-failed 18 month experiment in chemical-free lawncare) had been neglected for three weeks and the shrubs were in so dire a need of trimming the house looked a bit like an abandoned or haunted house!  Usually three weeks of not mowing the lawn would mean a massive bagging cut job (I prefer to mulch-mow and not bag at all), but for the past 18 months I’ve been avoiding any lawn chemicals to see how it affects the lawn.  I’ve been an avid Scot’s 4-Step fan for years, and the lawn was always lush and green.  I also am not a fan of spraying processed drinking water on the ground, so we have no irrigation system (we’ll wait until we can afford the well to drive the irrigation system) and I don’t drag hoses around anymore, so in drought or dry conditions, the lawn gets a little brown.  This year, though, there is no lawn. There are huge patches of bare ground, and all sorts of weeds and crabgrass where the lawn used to be.  After three weeks of not mowing, I had Queen Anne’s Lace blossoming in the yard where the grass used to be!  I’m going back to my trusted 4-Step as soon as we get some rain to soak it in.  It may take 18 months and some seeding to recover, but chemical-free doesn’t work for me.

Power-Wash Results

So, I mowed the weeds, hedge-clipped all the shrubs, and power-washed the mildew off the north side of the house this weekend.  Power-washing was my favorite task for a couple of reasons; 1) power-washing provides instantaneous gratification because you get to see the results of your efforts immediately, and 2) on a hot summer day, working in close proximity to a cool-water mist bouncing off the house siding keeps you damp and cool as you work!

No trip to Maine this weekend.  All those weekend trips to the Ballot Box is what caused the Family TreeHouse to look so neglected.  Weekends in Maine means no weekend yard work in Woburn.

I made sure to make room for my cherished deck-time this weekend, though. Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning; music on the deck with my Kindle, breakfast and coffee, Sunday with the Sunday paper too.  Bliss!

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1 Response to Lest You Think We Abandoned the Property…

  1. Gene Vogt says:

    An update about the lawn:- I spread Scott’s Step 3 (fertilizer with insect control) a few days after this blog entry, and now (30 August) the lawn is lush and green. There’s still a fair number of weeds mixed in with the grass, but the grass is lush and green and filling in the empty spots nicely.

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