The Church of Music in Nature is Again Open

The Church of Music in Nature is once again open. We had our “Inaugural Service” for 2010 yesterday (May 1st) and will continue when possible through until sometime in October. So what’s “The Church of Music in Nature” you ask? It’s actually something quite simple, almost trivial, but I find it immensely pleasant and occasionally quite moving.

We have wired our deck for sound. We have mounted a pair of Bose® 151 SE environmental speakers on the tall corner posts (the posts hold a gazillion bird feeders during the winter months, and display hanging plants during the summer months), and tapped a line-out feed from the main house stereo out to a junction box in the corner of the deck by the power outlet. On fair-weather days, I haul an old Realistic STA-7 receiver out on the deck, plug the line-out feed into the AUX input of the STA-7, plug the 151 SE speakers into the output of the STA-7, and what’s playing on the in-house stereo can be heard out on the deck, and the deck system has its own volume and tone controls.

To sit out on the deck on a weekend morning, with coffee and breakfast, listening to classical or quasi-classical music, generates the most relaxing, peaceful environment I know of. We kicked off the season yesterday with two of my favorite CDs; the soundtracks from the movies GETTYSBURG and GLORY . Coincidentally, both those movies are about the Civil War, but the music on them I find inspiring. GLORY in particular also provides an audio tour-de-force for the ears and the speakers.

Because of our winter’s practice of feeding the birds amply, they tend to hang around the area during the summer (we leave nyjer seed out for the gold-finches all summer as well), and they actually sing with the music, especially if it’s choral music! It sounds crazy but it’s true! The STA-7 can handle two sets of speakers [A and B], so I’ve added a second set of weather-proof speakers (Advent) down on the pergola (to provide soothing music to accompany the babbling fountain while reclining on the hammock under the pergola), but the deck speakers definitely get used the most.

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