A New Year Has Arrived

Another couple of months between blog entries.  I’d never make it as a news blogger I guess!

We’re well into 2009 now, and the winter season has been upon us for a while.  I just came in from clearing a foot of light fluffy snow from two driveways (I’m also doing my neighbor’s driveway while he’s laid up), sidewalks, front walk, back yard (for the arthritic dog), fire hydrant, and deck.  The deck had to be done by hand, everything else was taken care of by the magic snow-blower (see Jan 16 & Feb 13 2008 entries).  This is the 5th foot-deep snowstorm we’ve had so far this season.  A bit on the high side, even for us.  We just finished a spell of 4-5 days where the night-time temperatures were down in the minus teens for us.  One 6am temperature out the kitchen window was fifteen below zero!  Another was nine below!  That’s winter!

I gave a PowerPoint genealogy presentation on my VOGT research for the past 22 years to the MITRE Bedford Genealogy Club quarterly meeting last week. It was well-received. I’m in the process of converting it to a WMA file with audio soundtrack, so I can distribute it to VOGT relatives and friends.  Watch for it on the web site!

I spent the day in at the NEHGS library yesterday. I had requested three microfilms from the LDS library in Salt Lake City, and they cam in last week.  One was church birth records from as early as 1575 in the village of Giessen (1575-1613, 1618-1636, Evangelische Kirche. Stadtkirche Gießen), where my 11th-great-grandfather (Hermann VOGT) is suspected to have been born. It’s going to take a miracle for me to find him, as the records are hand-written in old German script, with mixed German and Latin.  Here’s an example from the 1579 entries:

Not the easiest to read!  A genealogical researcher friend in Germany who can read this stuff gave me a transcription (in German): 

Eydeling, filia Jorg Drops, und Cathrein des Kinds mutter  die Gevattern sind gewesen Gedert uxor Weigandt Schmidts, Eydeling uxor Henrich Morllers L.u. Werner (?) , und ist das Kind getaufft worden,den 5 Aprilis.

I’m glad she can read it!!  The English translation is:

Eydeling, the daughter of Jorg Drops and Cathrein was baptized on the 5th of April [1579]. The godparents were: Gedert, wife of Weigand Schmidt; Eydeling, wife of Henrich Morlers and L… Werner (? uncertain)

I had originally focused on this entry because it seemed to me that the surname (now known to be DROPS) might have been VOGT. Oh well! I’ve also never heard of a first name EYDELING! When I “google” the name, almost all the hits are in foreign languages.  Challenges!

Here’s wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous 2009!

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