Far Too Long!

Good grief!  No postings from early July to the end of November! No excuse there!

The summer ended up being a waste, summer-wise.  Gene was part of a survey team that visited certain Army installations, reviewing IT staffing and functions for each organization.  The trips started in June, with most of them chewing up a full week.  We’d fly out on Sunday and gather Sunday night at the hotel to strategize, then hit the ground running on Monday morning, working through Friday, flying home Saturday to do laundry and collect notes, then fly out again the next day (Sunday) to do it all over again someplace else! First up was Darmstadt Germany in June, with no time to do any genealogy work or visiting friends. Then there was a week in Washington DC at an internal conference, then we headed out to Augusta GA, then Gene had two weeks at home over the 4th of July. After the two-week reprieve, it was off to San Antonio TX (in July!!?? H-O-T!), Baltimore MD, then a two-week jaunt, first to Honolulu HI (photo set 1, photo set 2, photo set 3), then from there to Seoul and Pyongtaek Korea (photo set 1, photo set 2, photo set 3)!

I also got to a few Red Sox games (including the one that broke the record for the most consecutive sell-outs – 456!) – too bad they weren’t able to repeat as World Champions.  Lynn and I also finally got to the Boston-area Irish Music Festival at the Irish Cultural Center of New England; my sister from Denver was able to come back east for a month, which included a visit (for her, not us this year) to the NH Highland Games and  a Duck Boat tour of Boston; and a summer vacation which was postponed until October. We rented an apartment right on the rocks of the Maine Coast, in New Harbor, south of Damariscotta, on Pemaquid Point, and mostly hung out at the apartment enjoying the ocean view, and ate lobster all week!

The transition from summer to winter around the house is about complete.  The deck has been stripped bare of furniture and summer acoutrements, the hanging flower baskets have been replaced by bird feeders, the summer power tools have been winterized, and the winter power tool (the monstor snow blower) has been prepped and is ready and waiting. All the sillcocks have been shut off and the garden hoses put away.  The last thing left to do is to set the snow stakes out so I can find the edges of the driveway and sidewalks in the deep New England snow – don’t want to chew up the lawn or hit a garden edge boulder with the snow blower!

So here I sit early on Thanksgiving morning. I got up early to pop the 25-lb turkey in the oven.  We’re hosting mostly Lynn’s side of the family (down from NH and Maine) – 15 in all – at an early dinner so the bird needed early insertion.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Solstice! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!  I should keep going right on through Memorial Day; no telling when I’ll get back to write another entry!

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