Anniversary Getaway to Boston

Lynn and I spent some Marriott Frequent Sleeper Miles that I’ve been collecting lately, and we celebrated our 34th anniversary by staying a night at the new (open for a few months, official grand opening a few weeks ago) Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel ( – Marriott level 7, for those who care).

We had lunch Thursday at the LTK restaurant – stands for “Legal Test Kitchen.” I’m not sure we liked it all that much (, but it was an interesting place.

We also took a sunset Schooner Cruise ( Thursday night, made all the more exciting by the violent thunderstorm that swept in from the west while we were out sailing around the harbor. We did a quick turnaround and a sprint back to the dock, pulling down the sails as the rain and lightning threatened.  We made it back to the dock about 3 minutes before the rain, but the 2 hour cruise was cut short by an hour, so we have a rain-check on the books and we’ll go back for another sunset cruise sometime this summer.

We had another unique experience Thursday night courtesy of the fire alarm and hotel evacuation at 1 AM, caused (we found out later) by a dope one floor above us (not directly above us) who hung a towel over a bathroom wall lamp, which set the towel on fire and set off the sprinklers in that room. Boy the alarm was loud!  Walked down 16 flights of stairs (we were getting dizzy at the end) and sat out on a stone wall for a half hour (along with lots of people in various states of dress/undress).  Good thing it was summer and not raining!

Friday, we took an Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston ( which was a great take, and had lunch at the No-Name restaurant on the Fish Pier (blah) before hopping in the PT Cruiser and heading home.

Lots of pictures, including ones of the storm on the schooner (but none of the fire drill) are at:


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