Spring Activities

Lots of things happening here at the Vogt Family TreeHouse. 

Megan’s engaged!  Megan’s beau Dan popped the question on May 8th, and presented her with a diamond for the occasion.  Megan called Lynn soon after, and the two of them squealed at each other over the phone.  No details on plans yet.  Megan’s just starting a new job at Bose, and she’s also moving in with Dan, so the two of them want life to settle down a bit before they pick dates etc.

Lynn’s 6 month quest to find the perfect new car for her has been completed. She started looking casually back in October, seeing what was out there and what features they had.  She test-drove a few to try them out. This continued in a not-very-urgent mode through February, but as spring began to appear, she got more involved and active in the process.

She had some requirements for the car, and some desires as well.  The car would become our family long-haul vehicle, replacing the eleven-year-old minivan, so we would need to be comfortable in it for long drives.  Also, her arthritis in her thumbs is not getting any better, so vehicles that have a thumb-button on the shift lever were not candidates. Lastly, as we get older, we enjoy a little extra comfort once in a while, so basic-only appointments were not too exciting.

She looked mostly at what are called “cross-over” vehicles; cars that are put together like an SUV, but built on a car chassis rather than a truck chassis.  Things like a CR-V or RAV-4.  She settled on a silver 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser. She’s always been drawn to the PT Cruiser style, and the one feature that made us shy away from them (non-height-adjusting driver’s seat) was solved in the 2008 model year, as now there is an option for a power driver’s seat.  So, Lynn’s car has the usual luxuries (AC, power windows, etc.) and a few of the unusual luxuries (heated seats, AM/FM/CD/Satellite radio, sun roof, GPS anti-theft locator, etc.).  Lynn’s a happy camper!

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