Slipping Through the Weather Dragnet

I managed to slip through the weather dragnet that was spread out for northeast travelers on Friday…

I was down in DC for the week on business, and got back Friday during a winter storm. Those people panic at the hint of snow or ice down there! The weather reports were talking Thursday morning about freezing rain and maybe an inch or so of snow in the DC area, so all the government people I was scheduled to meet with all day Friday refused to come in Friday, and started refusing on Thursday! There was no reason for me to hang around all day Friday with no-one to meet with, so I switched my 5:30 pm Friday flight to 8:30 am on Friday. Late Thursday night I checked the new flight online, and it had been cancelled, along with the 6:30, 7:30, and 9:30 am flights (Boston-DC shuttle flies every hour).  So I rebooked on the 11:30 am, and that one took off, pretty much on time.  The 15 mile drive into the DC airport from the hotel in Falls Church, which usually takes 2 hours because of traffic, took 25 minutes, including a gas stop!  EVERYONE stayed home, afraid to drive in an inch of slushy snow!  We think we got wimps around here!!!  We had to circle around Boston about an hour and a half as they were plowing the runways, but other than that, uneventful.

When I left home Monday, we had bare ground. Frozen, but bare. When I arrived home Friday it was snowing, and Saturday morning there was about a foot of new snow waiting for me (see photo)… I like my new toy!  🙂

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