Happy New Year

Another in my occasional BLOG entries.  Someday I may get the hang of doing this on a regular basis… or maybe not!

When we last connected, the Red Sox had just won the World Series!  Now the Patriots have re-created Sherman’s March to the Sea through the NFL schedule, going undefeated in the regular season and 1-0 so far in the playoffs.  And the Celtics are tearing up the NBA with the best record in basketball.  Pretty amazing for an old Boston sports fan who’s used to having the Celtics win, but not the Pats and the Sox!

The holidaze were good to us this year.  We spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire at Lynn’s sister’s house. Most of Lynn’s side of the family was there, and we had a great time, staying overnight to Friday, and then driving home.  We had lots of snow leading up to Christmas, enough to assure a white Christmas. The snow was so early it beat me to the punch for outside decorating, so no outdoor Christmas lights this year.  We did manage to get a giant 30″ wreath up on the front of the house, but that was it for outdoor decorations.  Christmas itself was traditional and pleasant for us all. Everyone gathered in the morning for stockings and gifts, with our usual Christmas breakfast – lox and bagels with cream cheeze – in between.  We added eggs benedict to the usual menu which was great.  We hosted a party on New Year’s Eve for 4 couples, including a viewing of the traditional German New Year’s Eve TV show, Dinner For One.

Our snow melted after New Years and the ground was bare, but not before our 33-year-old snow blower failed.  At first I thought it was the shear pins, but it wasn’t, so I had my small engine repair service come and pick up the machine to try to fix it.  Alas, it was not to be.  The gear box and most of the bearings failed, and repairs were going to cost about half of the price of a new one, with no guarantee something else wouldn’t fail later, so we bit the bullet and bought a new one.  But not before another storm hit, so I got to shovel the driveway by hand twice!

The new machine was finally delivered today, in plenty of time for the rest of the winter…

Not much else happening.  We’re making plans to travel to Wyoming in March for a family wedding, and a new computer is on back-order for Gene.

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