Catching Up

Another case of not getting around to doing much with this blog.  Oh well, what do they say about good intentions?

How about those Red Sox?!?  Another Fall Classic, and the Red Sox have once again endured. For us die-hard Red Sox fans, this is nirvana.  So many years coming up empty, and now two world championships in the span of 3 years.  I could get used to this!

By the way, here is some of the best baseball prose I’ve read in a long time, and it fits like a glove, even though I had to watch the game on TV instead of from the park, though Lord knows I tried to get tickets:

By Joe Sheehan,

Forget the laptop. Forget the notes. Forget the cold, the lateness, the stiffness in your back and legs. Forget the uniforms, white and red, your team’s hated rival, a team you grew up loathing. Forget your job, forget the badge around your neck, forget your analysis and predictions, forget everything.

Just live in it. A one-run game, three outs to go, a devastating hurler on the mound, the middle of the lineup coming up. A championship on the line. A crowd, growing louder, begging for the next strike, pleading for the next out, wanting that next exhalation, next thrill, next scream.

Baseball was invented for moments like this. Breathe it in, along with the fragrant smoke from the sausage stands that hovers over the field. Feel it on your skin, like the goosebumps along your arms. Hear it in the murmur that becomes a buzz that becomes a roar that tells you, even with your eyes closed, that the game is over.

 It’s a moment for a baseball fan, and at your core, in your heart, you’re a baseball fan. In this moment, you’re a kid in a cap in a crowd in a ballpark, and you can’t remember ever wanting to be any place else in the world…

All these sports broadcasts (Red Sox, Patriots, etc.) have been very enjoyable on the big HD TV we bought back in December.  We’ve frequently invited folks over to enjoy it with us, and it’s challenging us to figure out how we want to set things up in the living room.  Right now the TV is sitting on the spinet piano, but the piano is scheduled to be moved out (to Megan) and a new credenza is waiting in the garage to hold the HD TV and the electronics (HD cable box/DVR, DVD player, A/V receiver, etc.) that go with it.  We’re just not sure how to set up the seating best. Trial and error will be the order of the year, I guess.

We’re also starting to think about upgrading one of the cars; replace the 1993 Mercury station wagon with something late-model used for Lynn, and move the 1997 minivan over to Gene.  We’re just starting to think about it – nothing to focus on yet. Any advice?

See ya!

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