Too Much Travel

I’ve finished the last (so far) of my scheduled trips, arriving home last week after 16 days in Germany on business.  In a self-flogging moment, I counted up my travels last week – I’ve been on the road 8 out of 10 weeks, and 15 out of 31 since the first of the year!  WAY too much!

As luck would have it, I came down with a whopper of a head-chest cold this week, and have ended up with laryngitis and sore ribs from so much violent coughing.  Never a dull moment!

Lynn and I are off to the western part of the state for the weekend.  I was able to scarf up the last two tickets (lawn seats) to the James Taylor concert tonight at Tanglewood, then things fell into place for a two-night stay at a motel in the area and additional tickets (in the shed) for the Boston Pops concert tomorrow night.  We’ve been telling ourselves for years we need to do this (head to Tanglewood) some summer weekend, and now we are!  Let’s hope the weather holds for us.  I grilled up some chicken parts this morning for dinner on the lawn tonight.

I’ve been entering and recording the German birth, marriage, and death records I obtained on my last trip to Lich (see details on the WHAT’S NEW IN MY RESEARCH page on the main site – click on the TreeHouse at the top to return) into my database.  Ancient records are tough to read in old German, but luckily my researcher-friend from Lich can read the script and she transcribed the records for me, which I then translated as best I could.

That’s all – time to hit the road!

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