Wrapping Up Vacation

It’s Saturday morning, and we’re in a Holiday Inn Express beside I-78 in Bethlehem PA this morning, heading home from a week’s vacation in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (PA Dutch / Amish country).  We had a great week, stayed at the Vogt Farm Bed and Breakfast in Marietta PA (no known relation, but I did bring my genealogy charts, just in case). We visited Amish restaurants and Amish exhibits, and lots of quilt and fabric shops. Lots of fun, and lots of pictures (they’ll be up on the web site soon, in the scrapbook area).

We left the Lancaster County area yesterday, but we stopped in Kutztown PA to spend some time at a German-American Folk Festival they have every year.  A bit on the hot and sunny side, but not too bad all in all.  We had fun walking through the craft booths.  The food was okay, not great, but we drank a lot of fresh-squeezed lemonade!

Now it’s back on the road (if this lousy wireless internet can handle it – God its slow!) for the rest of the way home.  Traveling and seeing sights is fun, but getting home is great!


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