I Think I’m Going To Live, or The Lost Weekend

Not many changes to the web site for a week or so. I’ve been a bit under the weather.  I started feeling a bit feverish and achy Thursday evening, so I started sucking on Cold-Eze lozenges. Thursday night was a restless night, but I aspirined up and went to work Friday. Probably a mistake. By Friday afternoon after work I felt like a truck had hit me. I collapsed on the couch under a blanket and slept for 3 hours straight. The dog was very confused – I never stretch out on the couch. Got up, fed the dog, puttered around a little bit, and went to bed.  By Saturday morning the fever had broken, but I was still exhausted and basically slept all weekend. I had scheduled to go into the NEHGS library in Boston on Saturday but had to cancel out.

What made it a truly Lost Weekend was that Lynn had gone to Maine early Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with her sisters, so it was just the dog and me.  I did manage to drag myself out to walk the dog each day (he gets too much pent-up energy if he doesn’t get a walk and will pester you incessantly to play), but that was about it.  I spent some time on the computer doing end-of-year financial organization things, and I did watch the Superbowl, but other than that it was a Lost Weekend.

By Sunday afternoon the typical Final Stage of one of my colds had settled in. For most people, a cold will settle in the nose for the final stage, and they have a runny nose and a nasal sound.  For me, with a congenital sinus defect (most people have 8 sinuses, I have one), the final stage manifests itself as incessant violent sneezing. I sneeze more than most people anyway, but with a cold it’s fairly continuous.  Annoying, messy, and painful! My ribs ache!

But the sneezing began to subside Monday afternoon (I took the day off to spare my colleagues the annoying experience), so I returned to work Tuesday sounding a little nasal but except for the sore ribs, none the worse for wear.

I hadn’t had a cold for 2-3 years or more, so I guess I was due, but it’s never a well-timed or pleasant experience.  Better this week than next, though – I’m traveling next week!  There’s nothing worse than being sick on the road!

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