Birthday Dinner at La Stanza Diva

We all (Gene, Lynn, Megan, Audrey, and Jake) went out to dinner recently for my birthday. We went to La Stanza Diva in Woburn Center. It’s a funky eclectic Italian restaurant in the style of the momma-poppa restaurants I used to eat in over in Naples. The entire place is lit with Christmas lights or other similar low-output bulbs. Looks like they recently got a whole bunch of chairs that match, but the tables are still a mish-mosh, and the tablecloths are plastic.  This is not a posh elegant place by any means, but the food is out of this world.

We split 3 primas (appetizers) between us – fried calamari, steamed mussels in a cream sauce, and fried mozzarella. All were wonderful, and we needed the extra time to absorb the menu – 8 pages of “specials” and 15-20 pages of a regular menu, which included things like alligator, elk, frog’s legs, and a bunch of other exotic items of interest. We also got two complimentary servings of bruschetta, so the primas could have been the entire meal!

Our secundis (main meals) were equally appealing; I had a pan-seared veal chop with roasted vegetables, risotto, and polenta. Excellent. Lynn had a chicken and shrimp dish in a cream sauce over angel-hair. Also excellent. Megan had a pounded breaded filet mignon served in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce. Exceptionally excellent. Audrey had a grilled filet mignon with polenta and vegetables. VERY tasty.  Jake had a plate of veal Parmesan with two thick veal filets and cheese and sauce. Yummy.

La Stanza Diva is a BYOB restaurant, so we brought two bottles of red wine (a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chianti) and some beer.  It’s also a restaurant where the portions are huge, so we all brought doggie-bags home, enough for at least another meal, maybe two.

After dinner we retired back to the house for cheesecake and coffee (at least some of had cheesecake!), then the birthday boy fell asleep in the living room!

[UPDATE:- La Stanza Diva closed its doors forever a while back, a victim of the 2009-2010 recession and poor financial management.  A terrible loss!]

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