NOW It’s Done!

I finished the implementation of the genealogy database! You can see it by clicking on the GENEALOGY pull-down menu and clicking on the GENEALOGY DATABASE menu item. Check it out!

The tool is an online interactive genealogy database. It’s written in PHP, and stores its information in a relational database called MySQL. Instead of building literally thousands of HTML pages to represent the contents of my genealogy research, I’m using this tool (called The Next Generation of Genealogy SitebuildingĀ©, or “TNG“) to allow you to search and browse the database in real-time. It’s a powerful way to manage and display genealogy data on the Internet, without generating a single page of HTML.

This particular database gives you access to a copy of my main genealogy database. The master copy of my genealogical database is kept in my genealogy software (for my own personal use I use a package called The Master Genealogist, or TMG; yeah, I know, it’s confusing) on my computer at home. You’re not accessing that database directly. Periodically, I take a snapshot of that database and upload it to the web site. That snapshot is what you’re using now.

The snapshot copy does not contain all the information I have in my main database. For one thing, the privacy of living (of possibly living) people is very important, so you will not see any personal data about living (or possibly living) people in this database except their names, their place in the family tree, the names of their spouse(s) and offspring, and the code number (the REFERENCE number or PERSON ID) that I use to track them in my master database. No birth dates, no notes, nothing else.

The other data that are not included in this snapshot database are the notes and sources about people (living or not). If you’re really interested in that information about a particular non-living person, send me an email and include the person’s REFERENCE NUMBER, and I’ll discuss your need with you. I will only discuss information about living – or possibly living – people with the person himself or herself, no exceptions.

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