Patience is STILL a Virtue

Well, I’m still waiting for my BLOG to come up on-line and be accessible over the internet.  After activating the BLOG on Wednesday with the statement made that it would be accessible in 24-48 hours, configuring it and entering the first entry on Thursday, talking to support personnel on Saturday when it still wasn’t accessible and being told it would be ready Sunday, then popping off an email to support on Wednesday because it still wasn’t accessible, they told me last night via email that they’re still working on it but they don’t know when it will be accessible.  Sure enough, today (eight days after activating it) the BLOG is still not accessible from the internet.  Patience is indeed a virtue. 

I’m moving offices at work. There’s a re-shuffle and consolidation of groups and departments going on here at MITRE, so I’m packing up my office to move up one floor and over a bit in the same building. Cleaning out your office in preparation for a move is a good thing in the long run, but it’s a major hassle while you’re in the middle of it. I’ve been going through all my “holdings” (papers, documents, books, equipment, etc.) and cleaning out and paring down a bit, but I’m still a pack-rat so there’s a lot of stuff to box up and get moved. I’m moving from a rectangular office into a wedge-shaped office with a lot of window, so the placement of furniture and stuff, by its very nature, will be vastly different. Previous moves were from one rectangular office to another one of the same dimensions, so I could reproduce the same layout as before and move on.  Not here.

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