Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is certainly a virtue. I activated this BLOG feature in the hopes that I would be able to use it as a SUPER What’s-New capability for the new web site, allowing searching of entries, and comments and contributions by others. I’m still hoping that I will be able to use it that way (maybe even finding a way to import all my WHATS-NEW archive entries from past years into this format), but the system administrators that host my new web site are having trouble getting my BLOG site to appear on the internet. I can access the entry/edit portion (obviously – I’m writing this), but the URL that’s supposed to allow web access to the BLOG is not working, at least not as of today. Sigh!  So near and yet so far. 

Meanwhile, I continue plowing through the web site, updating the pages I want to keep in the new format, and leaving other pages behind. It’s tedious, because the old pages were built individually, and were meant to be viewed within the framework of a 9-frame web site.  The new pages are all independent pages, but are also built using a commercial-grade web authoring system (MacroMedia DeamWeaver v8), so they will be easier to maintain – once I get them into the new format!  I can see progress but it is time-consuming. 

Lynn and I decided to replace our CD player in the main music system in the living room. We actually wear CD players out we use them so much, and have to replace them every 3-5 years or so. Cost of equipment being what it is today, it’s far cheaper to replace than repair, so I have 2 worn-out CD players piled on shelves downstairs.  Anyone want them?? 😉 

We learned a lesson with the player before the current one (and another lesson with the current one, but more on that later). CD players for audio systems are actually getting scarce and hard to find – at least good ones. Everyone is pushing the combination CD/DVD players, but there is one hidden drawback to those players… if you want to do anything out of the ordinary (put 5 CDs in and play them in shuffle or random mode, program around lousy songs on a CD or two, etc.) then you have to have a TV hooked up to be able to get to the video menu system that allows you to access those features. We bought a super-duper CD/DVD player about 2 years ago to be used as a CD player, and learned this lesson the hard way. So last year I bought an obscenely cheap CD-only player and moved the CD/DVD player downstairs to the family room where the A/V system is. Can’t say I’ve used the 5-DVD feature (want to watch 5 of 6 StarWars movies, back-to-back, with no potty break?), but it’s working well there. 

The obscenely cheap CD player we bought turns out to be just obscene. It’s horrible. If it did what it was supposed to do, it would be great, but the programming is bad. Sometimes it won’t give the CD back – the tray opens but the CD stays hidden. Sometimes it won’t open. Sometimes it starts on the wrong CD no matter what buttons you push. And sometimes it just decides that it’s done playing and stops. 

So after more than a year of fighting with it, Lynn and I gave up and bought a good one – a Sony RCD-W500C 5-disk player and 1-disk recorder. Instead of the giant spinning tray to take the 5 CDs, it has 5 separate trays so the overall size of the machine is smaller. Plus, there’s no way to NOT get the CD back that you want to remove… press the button for drawer #3 and you’ll get CD #3. 

We also get to try converting all our old cassette tapes and vinyl records to CD as well.  That may not work as well as our expectations might be, but we’ll see.

I just picked it up today at lunchtime so I haven’t had a session with it yet. I’ll let you know how I like it in a later entry.

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