Web Changes Are Slow…

Well, I finally got the domain transfer to take.  This BLOG is one of the new features of hosting domain names with this domain name broker (GoDaddy.com – remember their Superbowl ad last year?), along with lots of mail aliases, email accounts, and other stuff. Their web hosting packages are also a great deal, if web hosting is what you need.  

But I digress… the frustrating part of the entire process is the time it takes to propagate changes. The domain transfer process took about a week… a week of waiting while the ICANN-required cooling off period had passed to make sure I wasn’t making a rash decision (or having someone hijack my domain name out from underneath me). then, all of a sudden, the transfer occurred in the blink of an eye. The URL for the web site no longer worked (to be expected) and my email alias (genevogt – at – familytreehouse.net) broke (also to be expected). 

But putting all the pieces back together at the new home wasn’t as fast. MY reset email alias was quick, that started working within 4-5 minutes. The URL forwarding (sending people who visit http://www.familytreehouse.net/ to the actual location for the web site) didn’t kick in for over 8 hours, and this new BLOG still isn’t accessible via its URL even yet.  

As a person who works with computers and networks, I know why some things are not instantaneous (changes to the DNS assignments, like creating or transferring a domain name, have to propagate to all the internet DNS servers WORLDWIDE before the URL is guaranteed to work), but that doesn’t make me less impatient! 😉

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