Our Anniversary

What a great holiday/anniversary (31 years and counting) we had! First, we hosted a friends-and-family Lobster Feed out on our deck. The weather was spectacular and we had a great time. We boiled up ten 2½ pounders and everyone had their fill.  There’s a great wholesaler in Boston where I go to get lobsters when we have them… they’re Maine lobsters (cold water – the best).  Then we joined friends on Memorial Drive in Cambridge (we set our chairs up in the travel lane of the northbound side) to watch the Esplanade fireworks in person! We had never ventured in to Boston for the fireworks on the 4th before because of the crowds, but our mental images were of the crowds at the esplanade itself. It never occurred to us that a) you could see the fireworks just as well from the Cambridge side of the river, and b) the city of Cambridge would close Memorial Drive and make it a pedestrian mall for the evening! They set up speakers on towers (the scissor-jack platforms in the photo) to broadcast the music, and the fireworks are right there over the river. A visceral experience (whump WHUMP!).

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