Summer’s Here!

Hey! Summer’s here! We skipped spring.  Seems like we went from low 40’s and rainy to mid 90’s, hot, humid, and afternoon thunder boomers. Nothing in between!  The rehabilitation of the corner bedroom into a quilting and sewing room is complete. It took a lot longer than I expected (as usual), but with a house-guest scheduled to arrive next week, I had incentive to finish up, move Lynn in, and re-assemble the other bedroom as a guest room. We moved her sewing stuff in last night, now I’ll clean up the former sewing room and set it up as a bedroom again. Now I’ll have to get back to my yard-work that’s been neglected while I was working on the quilt room!

The Family TreeHouse has transformed into a bit of a nature preserve recently. We had a rare stretch of dry weather a couple of weeks back, so I picked up some Thompson’s Water-Seal to treat the wood deck out back. As I was moving plastic things that might get stained by any dripping liquid out from under the deck, I heard a squawk and looked up to see a mother robin glaring down at me from a nest she had built up under the decking, with 4 beaks poking out from under her. Since dripping wood waterproofing probably doesn’t sit well with baby robins, the treating of the deck was postponed. Here they are mid-week this week, almost ready to fly. By this morning the nest looks empty, so I can remove the nest and wait for another stretch of dry weather so I can finally get to treat the deck!  We also had a visit from a cast member of Watership Down out under the deck as well – this is a picture Lynn took from inside the closed cellar door!

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