Happy Mother’s Day!

Yikes! More than two months has passed since I last did a web site update! It’s been busy, for sure, but I’ve also been lazy – end-of-winter blahs, I guess. Happy Mother’s Day! Megan and Audrey provided their traditional Mother’s Day gift to Lynn today… they planted 250 marigold plants along the front walk for her. The girls have gotten quite efficient at this job as they get older (or was it because it was cold and drizzly today and they wanted to finish and go back inside?) 😉

A lot has happened since my last update. Megan recently had some unwelcome excitement – her car was vandalized. Someone threw a boulder or two through the back window. She’s pretty sure it was some of the brat kids who live in her apartment complex. The police even have a witness, but nothing’s come of it so far. She’s still working for Pizza Hut, on track to become assistant manager sometime in the near future, hopefully. Speaking of managerial positions, Audrey has been offered the assistant manager’s job at the EBGames store she works at. It pays lots more than CVS, so she’ll probably be leaving CVS. She still wants to go to pharmacy school, but she doesn’t get paid enough at CVS to allow for saving for college.

 Lynn and I are re-doing one of the bedrooms upstairs into a real quilt – sewing room for Lynn. She has been using the middle small bedroom, but we gutted the corner bedroom (a little bit bigger, 3 windows, south-facing exposure), ripped out the carpet, pulled up all the baseboards, put in two sets of track-lights in addition to the ceiling fan and light that was there, re-wired everything, added a second multimedia drop (phone, internet, and cable TV) on the wall opposite from the original drop. We’ll paint the walls and woodwork and lay down Pergo© laminate flooring instead of carpet.  Once all that’s done, we’ll set up the middle bedroom as our guest room.

Winter ended and yard work began without any transition. I’m mowing the lawn weekly now, and with all the rain we’ve had lately, I may have to up that to every 4-5 days.  I still have a second raised garden to build at the north end of the pergola (where the blue tarp is in the photo), and we’re starting to replace the line of rubble rock along the side street side of the yard with a similar raised bed, for Rose of Sharon bushes and other similar things.

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