Welcome to 2005

Another year started, my how time flies! Christmas at the VOGT Family TreeHouse was low-key and pleasant.  Both Megan and Audrey were home, though Audrey had to divide her time between here and Jake’s house (to be expected). We had Megan’s roommates Seth and Corey over for Christmas Eve dinner, which was very nice and festive. Megan slept over, and Christmas morning we did stockings and then had our traditional Christmas breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and lox (Scottish smoked salmon this year). Then Audrey dashed off to Jake’s house for a while and the rest of us vegged out.  When she came back with Jake, we opened our under-the-tree presents in a leisurely fashion.  After that it was off to sister Betty’s house for the traditional Christmas Day gathering. The day after we hosted a “Thanksgiving, it’s over!” dinner party for 3 other couples, complete with turkey dinner! A good time was had by all.

We rung in the New Year in our traditional fashion, at our friends’ house with other folks as well. There was three parties in one this year; old duffers like us, out-of-college folks, and high-school-senior folks. Another great time was had by all, including the annual viewing of Dinner For One, a German New Year’s tradition!

Also, the 2004 edition of the VOGT Family Christmas newsletter is out. You can read it (and past ones too) here

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